Teaching Resources

The Lost Landscapes and Learning Project has helped schools to understand their local heritage, as well as helping teachers to deliver aspects of the History, Science, Geography, Maths and English curriculum.

If you would like to deliver the National Curriculum in a new and innovative way that involves going outdoors and exploring the natural, industrial and social heritage of your local area please feel free to adapt the resources below:

Rainton Meadows Field Trip: KS2 History, Geography, Science, English, Maths

LLL RM School Visit Agenda       Orienteering Procedure       RM Risk Assessment 2018       Wild for Wildflowers Guidelines

Image Below: Sample Map for “Wild for Wildflowers”  Orienteering Challenge


KS2 History & Geography (Case Study: Galley’s Gill, Sunderland)

LLL Assembly

KS2 History & Geography (In-school Historic Mapping):

LLL Lesson Plan Historic Mapping

KS2 History, Science, Maths & English (Galley’s Gill 1st Field Trip):

LLL Lesson Plan GG Historic Land Use Visit

KS2 PSHE, Science (In-school Natural Environment):

LLL Wildflower Preparation

KS2 PSHE & Science (Galley’s Gill 2nd Field Trip):

LLL Lesson Plan GG Conservation Visit   LLL Newspaper Headline  Goldfish Bowl Characters

KS2 Science, PSHE, Maths & English (Celebration Day):

LLL Celebration Day Example Agenda