The LLL project is delighted to have our school engagement element play a pivotal role in delivering our overall desired outcomes.

Key Stage 2 pupils and teachers from five Primary schools local to each Heritage site will be trained in historical inquiry; accessing and interpreting historical and current maps; use of social media and digital technology (to share their findings); wildflower identification; and recording wildflower sightings. Additional practical conservation skills will include learning about past and present land-use management practices, conservation skills including tree pruning and thinning, scrub clearance and wildflower meadow creation through correct and safe tool use.

5 Sunderland schools (Hudson Road Primary School, Valley Road Primary School, Grangetown Primary School, St Joseph’s RC Primary and Richard Avenue Primary school) are delighted to participate in and support our pilot Heritage Site project at Galley’s Gill.

Click on each school icon to see all the flower sightings made by the pupils then click “School Heritage Resources” to see pupils’ hard work proudly showcased as well as photos of their very own school wildflower meadow creations!

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