Lost Landscapes and Learning, focuses upon educating and engaging people (especially children) with their natural heritage whilst informing them about their industrial and social heritage.

The ‘Lost Landscapes’ element of the project will enable local people to explore how their landscape has changed over time, the contributory factors and the resultant impacts upon habitats and species. The project will educate and engage participants with their local industrial and social heritage, helping them to understand how these forces have shaped the natural world around them.

The ‘Lost Learning’ aspect of this project will focus upon cultural and natural heritage, addressing lack of knowledge that people (especially children and young people) now have about local flora. This aspect of the project will focus upon wildflower (and some tree and butterfly) species identification. In the past, local people living in a rural setting, would have been surrounded by wildflowers and known the more common by name. Species knowledge was handed down verbally and connected man with the landscape. Urbanisation, modern agricultural practices and climate change have resulted in fewer opportunities to see wildflowers and share such knowledge, hence this innate skill is being lost.