We have been busy thinking about how we can learn more about wildflowers and encourage the rest of our school to use the wildflower meadow as a learning resource. We have also been giving a lot of thought to our Celebration Day and also how to make sure our meadow is well looked after by…

We braved the windy, wet weather to mark out areas that we thought would be best to have a wildflower meadow. In small groups we ended up choosing a few sites before agreeing on one corner of our playing fields that we thought would be ideal!  

Grangetown enjoyed a fun Assembly in February, learning more about a site in Sunderland that a lot of us hadn’t heard of…a fascinating place called Galleys’ Gill. Click below to learn more about the site itself. LLL Assembly    

Our first visit to Galley’s Gill helped us to better understand how the landscape has shaped Sunderland and how we have shaped the landscape at Galley’s Gill! We were excited to do some LS Lowry inspired landscape drawings using a natural material – charcoal, to sketch modern landscape drawings to compare them with some old…

At Galley’s Gill we have been doing loads of activities  and we have been doing charcoal drawing, drawing the Wearmouth bridges crossing the river Wear.  Y5 had a lot of fun at Galley’s Gill.

  This is year 5 working with Tom and Fred learning about old ship yards and Sunderland’s industry from the past.  Tom told us about old ships and the job evolving around making ships. Fred told us all about the bolts and how to get them tight and so they don’t come out.

We enjoyed today, as we drew maps of Grangetown , the school or a certain area (in Grangetown). It was quite hard to calculate what was where but we finally did it and it was great!!