The second field trip to Galley’s Gill explores questions such as:

How and why do we manage a landscape?
What skills and techniques might we need to conserve an area like Galley’s Gill?
What have we as humans done to endanger plant and animal species in an area such as Galley’s Gill? And what could we do to protect species in future? When and why might this be difficult?

The aim is to:

• Teach the children about past/present land-use management practices.
• Teach the children conservation skills i.e. pruning, scrub clearance, meadow creation.
• Teach the children about correct and safe tool use.
• Demonstrate that in order to protect certain species, humans have to intervene to ensure habitat survival.
• Wildflower and associated species i.e. butterfly ID
• Facilitate discussion about natural heritage issues.

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